Based on the present and foreseeing to the future

SLY GLASS R&D division plays a critical role in driving innovation and ensuring that SLY GLASS remains at the forefront of the glass bottle manufacturing industry.

Material Research

Researching new materials and technologies that can be used to improve the quality and durability of glass bottles by testing and analyzing different materials and technologies to determine their suitability for use in glass bottle manufacturing

Quality Control

Developing and implementing quality control processes to ensure that every glass bottle meets the highest standards of quality by testing and analyzing the physical and chemical properties of glass bottles to identify any defects or weaknesses

Process Improvement

Optimizing the manufacturing process to improve efficiency and reduce costs by analyzing the manufacturing process and identifying areas where improvements can be made, such as reducing waste or improving energy efficiency

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that all glass bottle products meet regulatory requirements, such as those related to safety, environmental impact, and product labeling by staying up-to-date with regulatory changes and implementing any necessary changes to the manufacturing process or product design

SLY GLASS R&D division goals




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