Any questions you would like to know?

We understand that you may have questions about our glass bottle manufacturing and products. Here we’ve compiled a list of common questions to provide you with the information you need. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

SLY Team

1. What types of glass bottles does Sly Glass manufacture?

SLY GLASS offers a wide range of glass bottles to cater to various industries. We manufacture bottles for beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and more. Our bottles come in different sizes, shapes, and closures to suit your specific needs.

2. Can I request custom glass bottle designs?

Absolutely! We specialize in custom solutions. Whether you have a unique bottle design in mind, need custom embossing, or require branding on the glass, we can work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Get in touch with our team to discuss your customization needs.

3. How do I place an order with Sly Glass?

Placing an order with Sly Glass is a straightforward process. Contact our sales team, and they will guide you through the order placement process. We will discuss your requirements, provide a quote, and ensure your order is processed efficiently.

4. What is the MOQ?

The MOQ can vary depending on the type of glass bottle and your customization needs. We offer solutions for both small and large quantities, ensuring we can accommodate a wide range of orders. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements.

5. After placed the order, how long can we get the bottles?

The turnaround time varies based on the complexity of the order, customization, and quantity. Our team will provide you with an estimated production and delivery timeline when you place your order. Generally one month for moulding, 10 days for making samples, 60 days for batch production.

6. Do you offer sample bottles for evaluation?

Yes, we offer sample bottles for evaluation and testing. Contact our team, and we’ll be happy to provide you with sample options to ensure they meet your needs and expectations.

7. How do I get in touch with Sly Glass for inquiries or support?

You can reach our team through our “Contact Us” page on our website, where you can submit an inquiry or request support. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and are here to assist you.