Custom glass bottles packaging design

Glass bottle designs are an important aspect of the packaging industry. They not only serve to store liquids safely, but also as an aesthetic element to present the product in an attractive way.

SLY designing team is dedicated in making extraordinary designs of glass bottles, glass bottle designs should be aesthetically pleasing, and take into account practical considerations such as production situation, durability and sustainability.

How to start your project?

You already have design drawings of the bottles?

Request a quote

Please send us your drawing, we’ll evaluate it and quote you the best price.

You need our designers to make the designs of bottles?

Contact SLY designers

Please write to us your needs, our designers will contact you and make clear all your requirements and design the bottles you are satisfied with.

Steps to custom your glass packaging

#1 Understanding clearly your glass bottle project needs

We will communicate with you clearly about your requirements for every glass bottle project, whether we are starting from only an idea or existing designs.

#2 Making technical drawings

After the design is finalized, we will verify the specifications of the final drawing to adapt to production.

#3 Making the molding of bottles

The mold is a key step in realizing the glass bottle from design to finished product. SLY GLASS has the ability to make molds for your different required designs

#4 Processing samples of glass bottles

After the mold is completed, we will start making samples. Then send to customer for testing and confirmation.

#5 Mass production of glass bottles

After undergoing raw material preparation, melting, molding, and heat treatment, the SLY quality inspection team will conduct strict inspections on the quality of the glass bottles.

#6 Packaging and delivery

Meticulous packaging can ensure that glass bottles are damaged as little as possible during transportation, SLY focuses on doing every step well.