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With more than 50 years manufacturing experience, strong production capacity and strict quality control, SLY GLASS has become a reputated and trust-worthy supplier of many big brands.

How to manufacture glass bottles step by step?

Raw materials for making glass bottles

Raw materials includes silica sand, soda ash, limestone, and cullet (recycled glass).

Mixing the raw materials

These raw materials are mixed by a specific ratio in the hopper machine to ensure the stable quality. The detailed weight of every material is up to the design and quantity of the glass bottles needed.

Melting the mixture

The mixture is fed into a furnace through the conveyor belt from the batching compartment. And then the mixture is tranformed to molten glass status under about 1600℃ high temperature.

Blow forming

Once the molten glass is ready, it is shaped into bottles using either the blow-and-blow or the press-and-blow method. In the blow-and-blow method, a gob of molten glass is dropped into a mold, and then air is blown into the mold to shape the glass into a bottle. In the press-and-blow method, a gob of molten glass is pressed into a parison (a preform) and then transferred to a mold where it is blown into the final bottle shape.

Annealing process

After the bottles are formed, they go through a process called annealing, where they are slowly cooled to relieve any internal stresses and strengthen the glass.

Inspecting the quality of bottles

The bottles are inspected for any defects or imperfections.

Surface decorations

The bottles may undergo additional processes such as labeling, printing, or applying a protective coating. These processes can vary depending on the specific requirements of the bottle.